Early on my work incorporated body and medical themes that I approached as excavations through layers eventually leading to unifying factors: we all have blood, guts and skeletons. This was not a morbid focus but a genuine interest in revealing the core that makes us all similar if only in our vulnerability. By good fortune a family friend who was a doctor needed to dispose of expired X-Rays of patients and...although it may not have been legal....he offered his basement trove to me. These X-Rays became the material for many site specific installations, capitalizing on natural and artificial light to change the impression of the re-assembled bodies. I was also given access to technicians who helped me create X-Rays of my own, of metal gears and bicycle parts, that I incorporated into these collages, invoking "Neuromancer" and cyborg inventions. Building new bodies/creatures out of these collage elements is, I admit, a bit like playing Dr. Frankenstein.